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Yarn Crawl planning post - Get your knit on

About Yarn Crawl planning post

Previous Entry Yarn Crawl planning post Aug. 14th, 2007 @ 10:29 am Next Entry
This post is where we'll nail down the details for the Yarn Crawl trip on Saturday, August 18.

Here are the four shops we can visit, in order from closest to furthest from downtown:
Mass Ave Knit Shop, downtown, open 10-4:30
Knit Stop, on 82nd street, open 11-6
Keepsakes (no website), in Carmel, open 10-4
Stitches & Scones, in Westfield, open 9-4

It makes sense to visit them in that order, but we could either start close to the convention center and end far away, with a long drive back in, or get the long drive out of the way early, and end close to the convention center, which would also possibly let us get an earlier start and therefore allow more overall shopping time, since the shop in Westfield opens earlier. It's a total of about a 40 minute drive from downtown, so if we were to, say, meet at 8:30, then we'd be out there a little after 9, and could have scones and start our shopping.

So, choices! Please indicate in comments which you prefer:

1. Let's start close by: meet at the convention center a few minutes before 10, be at Mass Ave when they open or shortly thereafter, and work our way out from there.

2. Let's start far out and early: meet at the convention center at 8:30, be at Stitches & Scones a little after 9, and work our way in.

3. Far out is good, but early is for the birds: let's meet at the convention center at some later time (say when, please!), then start at Stitches & Scones and work our way back towards downtown.

You'll note I've specified the convention center (100 S. Capitol Ave, for the natives) as the meeting point in all cases; that's where GenCon's main events are, so I know all attendees can get there even if they don't have cars. Once we've decided on a time, we can also decide on a place; in the absence of a better suggestion, I'm going to say "in front of the Customer Service Kiosk", as I know you don't need a badge to get to that point, and presume that it'll be easy to find. If you'll email me at my livejournal address (username-at-livejournal-dot-com), I'll email you back my cell number, and that way if you're running late or having trouble finding us, we'll know to wait for you.

Here's the important part: if you want to go, PLEASE COMMENT TO THIS POST. Specify which itinerary you like, from those above, and let me know how many are coming, and whether you need transportation, or can provide it for yourself and maybe others (if you can take others, please say how many). I'd really like to have a headcount by Thursday or so, so I can let the shops know if it's going to be a big mass descending on them, so if you could give me at least a tentative answer by then, I'd appreciate it.
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Date:August 14th, 2007 06:56 pm (UTC)
I'm in. I'll be childless, so I can fit 4 additional adults in my Outback. I don't care where we start b/c I live halfway between Westfield and downtown. I do vote for starting early rather than not.
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Date:August 17th, 2007 01:30 am (UTC)
Okay, great! I think option #2 is best also, and I know that worked well for iam2faboo, who wants to go, so I'm gonna make an executive decision and say we'll just do that.

Can I get you to email me your phone number? That way, I can let you know mine, and also I can touch base with you tomorrow and let you know if we need you to come into downtown to pick up people, or if just meeting us works fine. Thanks, and see you Saturday!
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Date:August 17th, 2007 11:59 pm (UTC)
It looks like all the people besides me who are going are local, so I think there's no need to go all the way downtown. iam2faboo and I are going to meet up at her house, about 8:30 or a tad later; if you'll email me (username-at-livejournal-dot-com) with your phone number, I'll call and we can figure out if it makes more sense for us to pick you up or meet you at Stitches & Scones or what.
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