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Any hookers? Jan. 20th, 2008 @ 06:07 pm
I'm wanting to learn how to crochet, and I know that this is mostly a knitting community, but I know some people are fluent in both trades.

While I do prefer to knit, my tendinitis in my hands is acting up like something fierce this season. So, I thought that I would try my hand at crochet.

My question is: What kind of hook do you prefer? I normally use bamboo knitting needles, so should I stick with bamboo in my cross-over? Or should I use aluminum? Does the weight of the hook really matter?

TIA! :)

New Math sucks... Jan. 18th, 2008 @ 02:55 pm
I seem to having some problems with my math... how many sts does the following row create?

k1, m1, (k1, m1, k9, ssk, s2kpo, k2tog, k9, m1, k1, yo, k2, yo) 3 times; k1, m1, k9, ssk, s2kpo, k2tog, k9, (m1, k1) 2 times?

Here's what I get (and it's been a different number each time:

k1, m1= 3 sts
k1, m1, k9, ssk, s2kpo, k2tog, k9, m1, k1, yo, k2, yo= 30 sts (times 3 = 90 sts) (93 sts)
k1= 1 st (94 sts)
m1= 2 sts (96 sts)
k9= 9 sts (105 sts)
ssk= 1 st (106 sts)
sk2po= 1 st (107 sts)
k2tog= 1 st (108 sts)
k9= 9 sts (116 sts)
m1, k1= 3 sts (times 2= 6 sts) (122 sts)

This is really confusing for me as 116 sts are CO when the project begins, and the amount of sts doesn't change until row 22 where there is a marked 8 st reduction. The pattern I have says I should have 108 sts at the end of row 22... Which would work fine if from the beginning of the pattern on I had 116 sts!

Current Mood: frustratedfrustrated

Yarn Crawl planning post Aug. 14th, 2007 @ 10:29 am
This post is where we'll nail down the details for the Yarn Crawl trip on Saturday, August 18.

Here are the four shops we can visit, in order from closest to furthest from downtown:
Mass Ave Knit Shop, downtown, open 10-4:30
Knit Stop, on 82nd street, open 11-6
Keepsakes (no website), in Carmel, open 10-4
Stitches & Scones, in Westfield, open 9-4

It makes sense to visit them in that order, but we could either start close to the convention center and end far away, with a long drive back in, or get the long drive out of the way early, and end close to the convention center, which would also possibly let us get an earlier start and therefore allow more overall shopping time, since the shop in Westfield opens earlier. It's a total of about a 40 minute drive from downtown, so if we were to, say, meet at 8:30, then we'd be out there a little after 9, and could have scones and start our shopping.

So, choices! Please indicate in comments which you prefer:

1. Let's start close by: meet at the convention center a few minutes before 10, be at Mass Ave when they open or shortly thereafter, and work our way out from there.

2. Let's start far out and early: meet at the convention center at 8:30, be at Stitches & Scones a little after 9, and work our way in.

3. Far out is good, but early is for the birds: let's meet at the convention center at some later time (say when, please!), then start at Stitches & Scones and work our way back towards downtown.

You'll note I've specified the convention center (100 S. Capitol Ave, for the natives) as the meeting point in all cases; that's where GenCon's main events are, so I know all attendees can get there even if they don't have cars. Once we've decided on a time, we can also decide on a place; in the absence of a better suggestion, I'm going to say "in front of the Customer Service Kiosk", as I know you don't need a badge to get to that point, and presume that it'll be easy to find. If you'll email me at my livejournal address (username-at-livejournal-dot-com), I'll email you back my cell number, and that way if you're running late or having trouble finding us, we'll know to wait for you.

Here's the important part: if you want to go, PLEASE COMMENT TO THIS POST. Specify which itinerary you like, from those above, and let me know how many are coming, and whether you need transportation, or can provide it for yourself and maybe others (if you can take others, please say how many). I'd really like to have a headcount by Thursday or so, so I can let the shops know if it's going to be a big mass descending on them, so if you could give me at least a tentative answer by then, I'd appreciate it.

Fiber Field Trip Aug. 14th, 2007 @ 09:35 am
Okay, this will be the final figure-it-out post for the Field Trip outing, to take place on Thursday, August 16.

Our destinations will be the Apple Works orchard, in Trafalgar, Sheep Street in Morgantown, and the Indiana Traditional Arts Center in Monrovia. I think we'll be doing them in that order, as it makes the most sense with geography and schedules; the ITAC isn't open until 1, so it needs to be last, and Sheep Street is pretty much between Apple Works and the ITAC, so starting with Apple Works is sensible.

Apple Works is about a 50 minute drive from downtown Indy, so I'm going to propose as a schedule that we try to meet up around 9 am; allowing for some organizational and general milling-around time, that ought to get us out there around 10, which will allow us to visit there and Sheep Street before lunch, then eat (although we'll be flexible -- if people want to eat and then do Sheep Street, we can), then go to the ITAC. If someone really wanted to go, but that's too early, please say so!

As for where to meet -- this is my first GenCon, so if someone has a better idea, please let me know. For those who are locals and not coming to GenCon per se, it's being held at the Indiana Convention Center, 100 S. Capitol Ave.; because the event hotels will all have shuttles to there, and therefore anybody who wants to go can get there fairly readily, I think it's a good place to meet. Within the convention center, I know there is a Customer Service Kiosk, that's outside the area where you need a badge, so in the absence of a better idea, I'm going to suggest that we meet in front of that. I'll try to come up with some sort of sign that I can embarrass my children by holding up, to help us find each other. In addition, if you'll email me at my livejournal address (username-at-livejournal-dot-com), I'll email you back my cellphone number, so you can call if you're running late or having trouble finding us, and that way we'll know not to leave without you.

I will bring maps and directions, but if you want to print your own, each of the destinations has directions and such on their website.

Now, for the important part: if you want to go, PLEASE COMMENT TO THIS POST, so we can get a headcount; please include how many people you're bringing (if it's not just you), and whether you can drive or need a ride, so we can make sure everybody has transportation.

I look forward to seeing you guys on Thursday!

GenCon-related knitting events Aug. 9th, 2007 @ 10:13 am
First, HI THERE and THANKS to the pre-existing members of this group, for letting us use this group as a planning space for Gencon activities. Those who live in Indianapolis but aren't going to make it to Gencon are of course welcome to join in on any of the things we're planning! (Edit: For those not actually going, the con dates are August 16-19, with things below suggested to happen between Wednesday, August 15, and Monday, August 20).

We started this planning process over in knitting, so you might want to take a glance at that post if you haven't already, just to see some of the information about various places that have already been discussed. Here are the places that are available to visit:

If you want to see where each of these is located, check out this custom map; sadly, though it's on the map (for now), the Golden Thimble has closed up shop, so ignore it.

Given the geography and the types of places, I think breaking this into two events makes sense -- one event, which I'll call the "field trip", would be a trip out to the countryside SW of Indy, to visit (in some order) the Indiana Traditional Arts Center, Sheep Street, and Apple Works, an orchard which is fairly close to Sheep Street; the other event, which I'll call the "yarn crawl", would be a trip either starting at the convention center and working northward, or vice versa if that made more sense, and hitting the yarn stores in order of distance, which would be Mass Ave, Knit Stop (maybe), Keepsakes (maybe), Stitches&Scones. In addition, if we wanted to have a dinner or lunch thing, or maybe a hang-out-at-coffeshop thing, I would be up for that.

Since I'm spurring this, I'm going to propose times which fit my personal schedule; feel free, however, to organize something that's at a different time if these times don't work for you! On Thursday afternoon, anything I do has to include my kids, I really can't do anything on Friday (except maybe a coffeeshop hour in the late afternoon), and I'm busy on Sunday mid-afternoon. The rest of the time, I'm pretty open, and I'm getting to town on Wednesday afternoon and not leaving until Monday afternoon.

Here's what I propose:
  1. You may have noticed that I left Trading Post for Fiber Arts out of the two event lists -- it's in the wrong direction to combine with other things, and their hours are really limited. HOWEVER, on Wednesday afternoon after we get to town, I think we're going to take our kids out there, since that's one of their open days, and if anyone would like to join us out there, you're welcome; I could possibly even provide transport for 1 or 2 people, if you can meet us somewhere near the airport (like one of the hotels in that area).
  2. Thursday will be "field trip" day -- we'll visit, in some order, Apple Works (open 9-7), Sheep Street (open 10-5), Indiana Traditional Arts Center (open 1-6), and have lunch somewhere in there, too. I'll have my kids (ages 4 and 10) with me, and can provide transport for a couple of others; if others could provide transport also, though, that would be great. If someone is available just part of Thursday, and wants to join us for only a portion of this, we'll try to work that out, but you'll probably need to figure out your own transport.
  3. Saturday will be "yarn crawl" day -- the shops available are Mass Ave (open 10-4:30), KnitStop (open 11-6), Keepsakes (open 10-4), and Stitches&Scones (open 9-4). It might make sense to start furthest afield and earliest, with Stitches&Scones, and let their coffee/tea and scones be our breakfast, and then work back into town, but I'm open to suggestions here. I'll be kid-free for the day, and can provide transport for probably 4 others besides myself.
  4. I have not planned a dinner thing, preferring to see who's available when. Thursday evening might work for me, if the Field Trip doesn't leave me wiped out; Friday evening only works if it's kid-friendly. Saturday evening works just fine, as does Sunday lunchtime or evening, or Monday lunchtime. And, of course, if there is a handy coffeeshop, or one of the hotels has a nice lounge with comfy chairs where we could hang out, please point that out!

So, there's a general plan: Field Trip on Thursday, Yarn Crawl on Saturday, and optional joining in for llamas on Wednesday; dinner still TBD. Alternatively, we could do the Field Trip on Saturday, and do the Yarn Crawl on Thursday; however, I have to have my kids in tow at least for the afternoon on Thursday, and that puts something of a strain on a proper shopping expedition, not to mention taking up two spots in the car. Another possibility would be to do the Field Trip on either Thursday or Saturday, and do a more limited Yarn Crawl on Monday, late morning-ish -- Mass Ave (11-6) and Stitches&Scones (10-5) are open that day, and I don't need to be at the airport until about 4:30. However, I think the first schedule I laid out above works best, so unless it just turns out to be impossible for everyone, I'd as soon stick to it.

Please comment and let me know what you can/want to participate in, and if you need transport for yourself or can provide transport for others (and how many). Once we figure out who wants to do what, I'll make separate posts and we'll work out the details of the individual events.

If you want to organize a dinner, or an event at one of the times I'm not available, please feel free to make a post about it in this community; the mod has given us permission for a temporary invasion. :)
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